About Matura

About Us

For many women, having their hair done once a week was more than simply a desire to look and feel their best; it was an opportunity to socialize with friends and peers. For most, it was the highlight of their week.

The same goes for the men, whose trips to the local barbershop were a chance to talk sports, local news and events and catch up with friends and acquaintances.

Quite simply, going to the beauty salon or barbershop was more than a destination – it was an experience.

At Matura, we believe that the same kind of experience can continue in the senior living environment. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing personalized attention that leaves each client looking forward to their next visit.


Custom — We personalize our services to reflect and complement your community and established brand. We also provide you with professionally designed, brand-customized collateral pieces.

Collaborative — We are your partner. We learn – and live – your philosophy and seamlessly fit into your culture and brand.

Memory Care — We promote the well-being of individuals with memory loss with our new REVEAL Memory Care Salon Services.

Professional — Our experienced team possesses a variety of professional skills and talents, as well as a compassionate and understanding approach to caring for the individual needs of your residents.

Support — Our trusted relationships with today’s industry experts enable us to offer you salon planning and design services and equipment recommendations at no additional cost.

Satisfaction — Our services consistently achieve a high level of resident satisfaction.