Our History

History InsetMatura has a long and successful history in the management and operations of ancillary services. By adhering to our higher standards, we have earned a reputation for delivering quality services, staffing experienced professionals and exceeding client and customer expectations. We take great pride and pleasure in taking your salon and spa services to new heights of personalized attention and comfort. With our many options and ability to scale operations to fit your budget and your space, we can customize a salon and spa that meets your needs.

Admittedly, we’re more than a hair salon or barbershop. We offer your residents the joy and dignity of continuing a long-cherished experience. For many women, the weekly visit to the salon was more than an appointment to get their hair done. It was a chance to meet up with friends, chat and share stories. It was a social outing. The same goes for men – their monthly trips to the barbershop were opportunities to stay connected with the community and continue friendships.

With Matura, that treasured experience will be at the heart of your healthcare center or senior living community, inviting residents and patients to get to know one another, talk, socialize and continue to enjoy a cherished activity. We enhance the quality of life enjoyed by your patients and residents – and keep them looking and feeling wonderful.