The Power of Partnership

Matura brings a level of dignity and personal service to seniors. We help communities create an atmosphere that evokes feelings of comfort and warmth that residents and patients enjoyed at their hometown salons, right in the heart of your healthcare center or community. For your residents or patients, going to the Matura Salon & Spa is more than simply an appointment to get hair or nails done – it’s an experience.

This experience is also a value-added service offered by your center or community – one that is truly appreciated not only be residents and patients, but their families as well.

As a Matura partner, we help you promote your services in a variety of ways:

  • Include Matura brand placement on your community’s website homepage
  • Design and write custom marketing pieces for your community admission package, including a customized menu of services, appointment cards and gift certificates
  • Create promotional templates
  • Write articles for your community newsletter
  • Participate in community open houses & special events