Matura Participates in Steel Stacks ALZ Walk

It was a perfect day in Bethlehem for the ALZ walk @the Steel Stacks.  Field Mgr Cathy Cox & Stylist Michelle McEnery painted a purple streaks in a variety of shapes & sizes.  Pictured:  Michael Nelson raising eyebrows; Joanne Williams & Michele McEnery enjoy the beautiful weather; Susan Polucelli with yellow flower; Jo Klechner & Max the dog; Twins Alexandra & Morgan Regina; Cheryl & Kenny West; Patti & Jen of Country Meadows Bethlehem; Michele & Cathy

I'm so happy I went! I was showing off our REVEAL program and I gave out lots of cards and flyers.

Alexandra and Morgan Regina- I did purple streaks on twins! That's a first!

Cheryl and Kenny West- from Brookdale-Dublin

Patti and Jen - The day would not be complete without CM's staff getting the purple streak!

Max and I-Of course I will hold Max while you get a purple streak.

Michele and Cathy - Super Purple streak Hero's

All in a days work!