Record Breaking PINK Streaks for Menno Haven Community!

Congratulations to the Menno Haven Community in Chambersburg, PA, and our dedicated team of stylists for their outstanding participation in this year's THINK PINK campaign with a record-breaking 200+ PINK streaks! Amazing! 

So many Menno Haven community residents and staff turned out in force for the big win this year.  When asked how the team accomplished this feat, Matura Field Manager Ashley Clugston commented:  "Honestly, all I had to do was the tell the community it was a competition and it was game on!”

Special thanks to Matura stylist Vickie Group who did a wonderful job promoting and kept up with all the pink streaks and to the Menno Haven activities team for their outstanding support of this annual event. Way to go!

The Menno Haven community with receive a PINK party hosted by Matura and will be awarded an Certificate of Honor for Oustanding Participation.

On behalf of all the clients we serve, Matura has made a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help provide mammograms for women in need.