Stylist Transforms Post Coma Hair to Gorgeous!

Sue Berman, Matura Stylist, at Timber Ridge Health Care Center in Wilkes Barre, PA, recently styled a complete transformation for client Bridget Harrington following her one-month coma.  Click here for more photos: 

Bridget, a 33 yr. old neurosurgeon, experienced a sudden health crisis in which she was in coma for an entire month.  When she awoke, in addition to facing a variety of unexpected health challenges, she was also shocked to discover that her once beautiful hair was painfully matted and knotted at the root.  Most of the Timber Ridge nursing staff feared the only resolution was to shave Bridget’s head. 

Sue, our talented stylist, was determined to restore Bridget’s hair without causing her additional emotional pain.  Sue patiently and consistently worked for 3 hours to carefully comb out Bridget’s hair and untangle the knots.  Then, Sue began to create a beautiful new style to the amazement of everyone!

Sue’s approach to successfully repairing such significant hair damage involved not only technical skills, but a tremendous amount of patience and care along with a genuine understanding of the pain Bridget felt when she woke up from her coma and looked in the mirror.

Bridget wants others to know her story and hopefully bring awareness to the important work our stylists do in making our health care clients feel good and look beautiful. During a long-term illness such as Bridget’s, hair is not able to be cared for by the patient and can become extremely damaged and fall into great disrepair. Though Bridget’s hair condition is definitely an extreme case, it is not uncommon for this to occur with hospital patients confined to bed for long periods of time.

As a result of Sue’s understanding and exceptionally caring approach, Bridget is able to enjoy a gorgeous new look for renewed confidence during her rehabilitation process. Thank you Sue, for an job extremely well-done!