Your goals are our goals. That’s our motto. With Matura, you have a partner dedicated to delivering your desired results while making your residents (and families) happy. While we offer a robust menu of professional products and services, and have a team of experienced and creative stylists, it’s our embrace of customer service and belief that well-being and beauty are inextricably linked that our partners appreciate most.


When you work with Matura, you can be assured we understand how senior living works. We’ve been in the senior living beauty business for decades, growing with the industry and evolving as needs, wants, and tastes change.


Empathetic. Patient. Professional. Compassionate. These are just a few of the words used to describe our dedicated stylists. They are the heart of Matura and the ones who bring daily beauty, friendship, and joy to the residents we serve. Our employees are supported, valued, and empowered. Many of our stylists have been with us for years, bringing familiarity and consistency to your team and residents.

All staff comes to you fully vetted, fully licensed, and meeting all compliance requirements.

We see beauty in people of all ages. Our services help make sure everyone sees it, too!”

— Malynda B, Area Manager, Texas