FOUNDATIONBeauty. Friendship. Joy.


The Ageless Beauty Foundation began with one conviction: a belief that beauty can play a big role in helping vulnerable, underprivileged seniors to regain their self-esteem, develop confidence, and enhance their well-being. So, since its inception in 2016, the Ageless Beauty Foundation has been helping to provide salon, spa, and barber services to senior living residents experiencing financial hardship.


Countless seniors today live in senior living communities who have outlived their resources and rely on their community’s benevolent care program. There are others who are alone with no one to help support them financially (or otherwise). And there are yet others who rely on Medicaid to pay for their care, with few – or no – resources for self-care.

The Ageless Beauty Foundation is driven by an understanding of just how important beauty services and a little pampering can be in a senior’s life. Looking good often means feeling good — and not having the financial resources to enjoy the community’s salon, spa and barber services should not be a barrier to feeling good.

The Foundation seeks to break through those barriers and to uplift the lives of these financially needy residents by helping them enjoy the community’s salon and spa services. Put simply, our purpose and our goal is to bring beauty and well-being into more lives – no matter the age, no matter the health and no matter the inability to pay.


Give a Gift of Beauty . Simply send us the name of a senior you think would benefit from (and love) a “Gift of Beauty.” The Ageless Beauty Foundation will review and respond in a timely fashion. There’s only one requirement: the resident must be in financial need.


Once approved, a gift card is sent to the resident, letting them know they’ve received a special Gift of Beauty from a friend. It’s that easy. Yet, the difference one simple Gift of Beauty can make in the life of a senior is priceless.


Matura Salon & Spa Management, Inc. is a donor to the Ageless Beauty Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and does not accept payment for any Gift of Beauty service directly or on behalf of stylists. The founders of Matura established the foundation to ensure all seniors have access to quality salon and spa services regardless of their ability to pay. Senior living communities do not have to be a Matura client to participate.

Call 215-948-3601 if you have any questions. 

The best gift you can give will empower someone to feel confident – and worthy. A Gift of Beauty can do just that.”

— Gift of Beauty Donor